SunPower® Loan

Enjoy the benefits of a SunPower® system with flexible financing through Mosaic—
featuring low APR, low monthly payments and no penalty for prepayment.

How it works

The Mosaic Solar Loan program assumes you will receive the maximum federal tax credit (worth up to 30% if system is placed in service in 2019) and apply that amount toward your loan in the first 18 months.2 After 18 months, your monthly payments will adjust based on how much of your initial loan you’ve paid off.

Pay more or less

The payment amount is flexible. If you pay MORE than 30% by month 18, your monthly bill will be lower for the remaining duration of the loan. If you pay LESS than 30% by month 18, your monthly bill will be higher for the remaining duration of the loan.

Why Choose a Solar Loan?

Simple Loan Application

The loan application includes a pre-qualification process that utilizes a soft credit inquiry. A hard inquiry is only performed if and when a loan agreement is signed.

Household Income is Allowed

Mosaic can consider your total individual income as well as income from your entire household during the application process. This means verifiable income of all members of your household can be counted towards the loan qualification.

No Penalty for Full or Partial Prepayment

After month 18 you can still make additional prepayments or pay off the loan without incurring a penalty. Keep in mind, though, that any prepayments made after month 18 will only reduce the length of the loan, not the monthly payment amount.


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