Why Purchase A Generator From IPSI

There are many features that are included with many of our gensets that add to there reliability and ease of operation. These features are not always reflected in the spec sheets.

  • The ATS has high visibility LED indicators and metering to provide source and ATS status at a glance.
  • The ATS also has vacuum fluorescent displays that are brighter, easier to read and perform better at temperature extremes than other display types.
  • The ATS has barriers over all live parts on the transfer switch to help protect operators from accidental contact during service or maintenance.
  • The ATS has phase rotation sensing guards to prevent installation errors and severe single-phase imbalance loading.
  • The genset control panel directly controls engine fuel for responsive, reliable performance.
  • The genset has integrated digital governing that provides precision starting control, voltage regulation, AC protection and alarm shutdown information.
  • The genset has environmentally hardened control panel that is listed to UL 508 and includes a sealed front control panel with RFI/EMI, dust and moisture gaskets plus vibration proof sealed interconnect plugs.
  • The gensets have “smart starting” which integrates fuel ramping and field excitation to minimize frequency and voltage overshoot.
  • The gensets have temperature compensation to enhance cold starting and stability.
  • The gensets have AC output metering that is displayed with easy to read color coding of volts, HZ, %amps and %KW as well as digital readouts for amps, volts, Hz,kW, kW-hours and PF%.
  • The gensets have controllers that regulates output current on both single and 3 phase faults to facilitate coordination and limit over-Volt conditions.
  • The gensets have diagnostic feedback and remote warning/signaling capabilities to enhance security and reliability.

Also, the gensets meet USA EPA standards.

We offer EPA Tier-certified generators that represent the the right mix between load demand, fuel efficiency and emission control.

These are just a few examples to show how our gensets are built and configured better than other brands. Our pricing will never be the lowest, but our quailty will always be the best. If you want the lowest price, you will need to go to Japan/Korea or Spain. If you want a generator that will gives you the best performance, feel free to contact IPSI.



"The company gave an immediate response to my request ,timely scheduling, strong work ethic, neat and clean, polite, knowledgeable. Real follow through with these folks. They did everything we needed for a complete service upgrade quickly and efficiently. I will recommend them to everyone I know. So glad to know there are true professionals out there."

- Elizabeth R., Penfield

"Very professional and customer focused."

- Claude C., Brockport

"Their work is top-notch and very competitively priced."

- Carolyn H., Pittsford