Generator Rental

One of the main responsibilities of site managers is the preparations for power outages. Sometimes the outages are planned, sometimes they are unexpected. Time and money can be saved if provisions for temporary power are preplanned. IPSI can help you with each step in the planning process. Preplanning can get your company up and running sooner during a unforeseen outage.

Sample questions that should be answered before the power goes out:

  1. How much power (kw) is required during an outage. Do you need a the entire facility to be powered or just the essential operations? IPSI can help you take ammeter readings, if needed.
  2. Have you sent these requirements to IPSI?
  3. IPSI keeps these records on file along with your account information. During a crisis, terms, insurance and power requirement information documents are already in place.
  4. Where will you place the standby generator? Make sure there is an access road to the temporary generator site.
  5. Who will be in charge of making the arrangements for acquiring, delivering, and controlling the generator?
  6. Have you planned the cable routing to the main electric panel? Will you need special cabling and special connectors? Some companies install connectors on the outside of the building specifically for connection to a standby generator. This saves many hours at a critical time. IPSI can install these standby connections.
  7. Have you contacted your Diesel fuel provider? You will need to prearrange delivery for extended outages.
  8. Have you planned for security?

Theft is commonplace during wide area outages. Be sure to lock the trailer hitch and secure the premises. Sometimes a full time maintenance/security personnel are required.

All of the generators that IPSI owns are well maintained and easy to use. Our electricians are highly trained and know how to work efficiently in an emergency.

Who needs temporary power?

  • Construction sites
  • Special event planners
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Industrial plants
  • Agricultural sites
  • Telecommunication sites

Call IPSI before or during the next power outage



"From the first phone call with Kristin, I knew this company was customer-focused. I explained to her that we had lost power six times in a month and that I had a medically fragile daughter. We really needed a generator installed, but I was nervous because of covid. She went above and beyond to put a plan in place that made me feel comfortable.

Terry the sales manager did everything without coming in the house. He too went above and beyond to make us comfortable. Even made sure the guys installing knew about my daughter and how nervous I was.

Then the install. The guys were great. They were knowledgeable, efficient, and very thoughtful of my daughter. IPSI was recommended to us by our good friends and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing a generator. This company simply rocks and, as my daughter said, they are awesome. Thank you IPSI for making this process an easy one in a time when life can be hard."

Doris B.


"AMAZING! The generator was installed during a huge snowstorm. The whole process from the estimate to the installation was as smooth as it could possibly be, even in the snowy, cold weather. The team was professional, knowledgeable, polite, and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend!

Sean G.


"Tom saved me a load of money by choosing the 10kW vs 14kW generator. Not your typical sales experience, instead of pushing me to get more he went through every detail of what I use in the house and knew exactly what I'd need. I have no plans for central air, but he knew if I would go that route in the future that I'd need the 14kW. Can't stress it enough that this is what EVERY salesperson should be like.

Dan Chris and Kimber were efficient and professional with installing. Very polite with me, and would communicate clearly with each other while working on opposite sides of a wall and make sure they heard the other person. That's the sort of stuff that makes you feel good about the work that's being done while you listen in.

Dan went through explaining the operation completely including simulating a power failure and how the generator functions. Something as simple as keeping the intake clear of snow or debris is something I wouldn't have thought about, I'm glad he took the time and didn't rush all of the information being given! Very pleased with everything from these guys. 100%."

John D.


"We had IPSI install our 14kW Generac generator on 2/11/22. They did a fantastic job starting at about 7:45 am and finishing/gone by 1:30 pm. Everything was clean and in good working order. The team leaders were Adam and Mike and they coordinated the entire install in a very professional manner. I thought high-quality work was a thing of the past but the entire IPSI team demonstrated the highest quality workmanship I experienced! If anyone is considering a standby generator I’d say you need to have the IPSI team do your install if you are looking for the best working team you can get!"

Jerry W.