Integrated Power Systems International, Inc.

Integrated Power Systems International Inc. (IPSI) is a full electrical power system integrator. We design, build, service and install stand-alone energy generating systems from generator sets to large solar fields for use in remote regions. We have a broad range of clients globally, including government clients of countries around the world.

Founded as an electrical contracting company in 1975, IPSI reflected its founder’s eye for long-term growth. He began by building a network of worldwide locations, suppliers, and manufacturers and cementing longstanding working relationships where the experienced engineers at IPSI led all the work as part of a team.

In all these decades of designing and manufacturing power systems for clients and governments around the world and back, IPSI has reliably supplied millions of kilowatt hours of electrical power. Whenever and wherever dependable power is needed – from barren Arctic wastes to Africa’s steaming jungles – IPSI’s efficient systems have established an outstanding reputation of dependability and longevity.

Since our beginning, IPSI’s advanced power system designs have helped set international standards. Similarly, our performance set standards in such diverse, critical applications as hospital emergency rooms, microwave relay stations, remote mining sites, dam construction, and water-pumping sewage treatment plants as well as elevator operations, peak shaving, power abatement, and more. Throughout, we continue to build our reputation for reliability and dependability.

Offering the industry’s most flexible packaged power systems, we tailor everything to your needs perfectly. We back each system with complete application engineering and technical support from the industry’s most experienced power-systems generator technicians and manufacturers network.

Additionally, IPSI offers power on demand. Answering the call for short-term and long-term emergency power needs around the world, in addition to our own well-maintained mobile generators, we locate, mobilize, and even install the required emergency equipment to bring you back online. Whether it’s for a building a city or a country, IPSI has access to the generators and personnel to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Integrated Power Systems International is your solution for:

  • Power on Demand
  • Dependable Power
  • What you need
  • When you need it


"The company gave an immediate response to my request ,timely scheduling, strong work ethic, neat and clean, polite, knowledgeable. Real follow through with these folks. They did everything we needed for a complete service upgrade quickly and efficiently. I will recommend them to everyone I know. So glad to know there are true professionals out there."

- Elizabeth R., Penfield

"Very professional and customer focused."

- Claude C., Brockport

"Their work is top-notch and very competitively priced."

- Carolyn H., Pittsford