Residential Power

We Install Backup Power Generators Throughout New York State

Backup power generators are becoming an essential upgrade for many modern homes. With the amount of electrical devices running in your home, an extended power outage can be extremely inconvenient and costly.

The solution is a have a standby electric generator installed on your home. Our home power backup systems can sense your power outage and start-up automatically. Backup generators run on natural gas, propane or even diesel fuel.

At IPSI we tailor your back up power solution specifically to your needs.  Being factory direct dealers with both Generac and Kohler Powers Systems allows us to fit you with a unit that directly accomplishes this. There is no “One size fits all” when it comes to Home Standby Generators. Our expertise in properly sizing, installing and servicing these units is unmatched in New York state. We look forward to showing you the IPSI difference and competing for the chance to earn your business!