Reliable Power / Ready in an Instant

In applications requiring a constant reliable source of power, IPSI manufactures the most dependable units on the market today.

These rugged gensets are engineered with emergency power applications in mind. The local utility may shut down, but you won’t. Because within seconds of a power shutdown, an IPSI generator integrated with an IPSI emergency power system provides power to keep vital electricity equipment running for as long as necessary.

IPSI’s wide range of generators makes them the perfect choice for all applications, from communications to hospitals to residential and everything in between. When generator power is needed, use an IPSI genset.

The Inside Story
This advanced unit combines a four-pole AC Brushless Synchronous Generator and an Industrial liquid-cooled, four-cycle engine. Then the entire package is mounted to a heavy gauge steel base.

Exclusive Automatic Voltage Regulator
IPSI sets feature an automatic voltage regulator exclusive. Designed specifically for use with these generators, this state-of-the-art regulator maintains a no-load to full load regulation of +/-1% and the steady-state regulation of +/-1/2%. Plus it provides an adjustable range of +/-10% nominal voltage. This unit even accommodates thyristor (SCR) loads.

Better still, the regulator is protected against loss of sensing condition and against a long term over the current condition. The unit is hermetically sealed to protect it against shock, moisture, and adverse environmental conditions. And, lastly, with quick connect plugs, installation is a breeze.

The Industry’s First Choice

For many years, IPSI-built generators have literally set the standards to the industry. And with millions of kilowatt hours already behind them, it’s plain to see how these American-made generators will, without question, still be producing well into the next century.


"The company gave an immediate response to my request ,timely scheduling, strong work ethic, neat and clean, polite, knowledgeable. Real follow through with these folks. They did everything we needed for a complete service upgrade quickly and efficiently. I will recommend them to everyone I know. So glad to know there are true professionals out there."

- Elizabeth R., Penfield

"Very professional and customer focused."

- Claude C., Brockport

"Their work is top-notch and very competitively priced."

- Carolyn H., Pittsford