Generator Maintenance

Generator maintenance is an important part of owning generator.  Regular maintenance is needed to ensure your generator will operate when you need it most. Without regular maintenance a generator can fail and cost you more money to buy parts or even worse a new generator.

It is important to have a factory certified technician to maintain your generator. Our technicians have taken mandatory classes to learn how their generators work and how they need to be maintained. You should never try to maintain a generator yourself without the proper training, it can be dangerous and can void the warranty if not done properly.

The maintenance of a generator can depend on how much it is used. The more use it gets the more often it will need to be maintained. Even if you don’t use your generator for a whole year it is still recommended to have a yearly maintenance. Parts can get dusty and fluid may need to be replaced. It is very important to keep the area clean around the generator.

IPSI services many generator brands throughout the state of New York. IPSI offers yearly preventative contracts to keep your generator in perfect condition.

Our maintenance agreement includes:

  • Changing oil and oil filter
  • Checking coolant levels and changing as needed
  • Inspect air filter and changing as needed
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Replace points, condenser and spark plugs as needed
  • Check battery condition
  • Adjust voltage and frequency
  • Install software updates as needed.